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CICO SRL is an Italian company that provides medical goods and services for more than 30 years. We provide sanitary and laboratory equipment, carefully following the after-sales service.

Food, Wellness, Health and Pharmaceuticals are the main sectors in which CICO SRL operates. The ability to offer new products and services with high added value along with the supply of advanced technological solutions are the engine that run the transition from a local to an international structure. CICO SRL is nowadays expanding through the world, strong of its Italian roots and craftsmanship, a passionate and tenacious group.

In 2014 CICO SRL opened a branch in Tirana, an important market city in Albania, with the name of CICOMED.AL. With favourable environment for growth and innovation, the company will contribute to develop and modernize health care facilities, as well as to diffuse technological know-how.

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Costant research, attention to working environment, proximity and comparison with customers and partners, those are the levers of growth for CICO SRL. Challenging contexts like health, wellness, nutrition, and pharmaceutical sterilization require extreme precision and high customization of projects and services. Uniqueness become a company must in CICO SRL, where every machine, project and service it's a single piece built around the customer needs. All this is made mixing skills, knowledge and experience, through a synergic structure, united by passion.