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Collaboration between CICO, TWE-ITALIA and PITINUM THERMAE provides the ideal solution for inhalation therapy with thermal water. The proposed equipment enables to realize inhaling centres even out of thermal complex, making several inhalation therapies easily accessible to all. This solution will make the service available to many patients who have never been able to access this treatment. Each station is equipped with a special system that allows the use of bottled thermal water (PHARMACY MODULE) or direct thermal water (THERMAL MODULE). This solution is indicated for clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, spas, wellness centres and thermal baths.


From some years a renewed interest towards thermal therapy appealed not only the supporters of natural medicine but also medical specialists in treatment of respiratory system, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, gynaecologists and paediatricians. Inhalation treatments with sulphurous waters are found to have high efficacy in the treatment of inflammation and chronic respiratory diseases; providing excellent results, as well as for adults for children, to whom special attention is devoted to the treatment of diseases of respiratory traits and ear.